Jump start your career with an ePortfolio and guided internshipJump start your career with an ePortfolio and guided internshipJump start your career with an ePortfolio and guided internshipJump start your career with an ePortfolio and guided internship

Convert academic knowledge into job skills


  • 3.9 million students are expected to graduate college in 2020 - they will compete for an estimated 2.5 million jobs
  • Only 33% of executives think that recent graduates are very well prepared to apply knowledge and skills to real-world settings
  • 2/3 of employers say that retention rates would be higher if new employees had a clearer picture of what the job entailed
  • 94% of hiring managers say that they would be more likely to hire a recent graduate who has held an internship
  • 81% of hiring managers find ePortfolios useful when evaluating recent graduates, while only 48% find college transcripts useful



About Us


Since 2016, Evolution Careers has been helping students and recent graduates get practical training and develop job specific skills for the most desired professional career paths such as investment banking, management consulting, quantitative trading, and data science. We have trained over 600 young professionals in our offices in New York City, Boston, and Santa Monica, as well as remotely. 

At the core of Evolution Career’s success is the quality of our training. We provide assignments that develop the necessary skills and work formats that allow trainees to work on their own time while interacting with mentors as needed.



Our dedicated managers are recognized professionals in their field with experience and passion for training and mentorship



Work remotely or in our offices in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and Boston. More cities coming in 2020 in Asia and Europe



Over 600 students from 100+ leading universities. 9.4 out of 10 average review score for both onsite and remote programs

Flexible learning formats


Direct instruction


  • Work on assigned projects: work with a supervisor on a real-world project such as transaction due diligence, financial modeling, research reports, investment presentations, data analytics and visualization, etc.
  • Make professional presentations: research, prepare, and present analytical slides on a topic, such as an M&A transaction, market study, data analysis, or another professional topic
  • Follow along sessions: join group and one-on-one calls led by a project leader to learn work skills live
  • Independent research: pick your topic, get it approved, write a report or article under mentor supervision and get it published on our website
  • Internal skill training classes: financial modeling, industry research methods, Python for finance and data science, etc.


  • Events and social activities: round tables, dinners, cultural events, receptions, and guest speakers in NYC, Boston, and Los Angeles


Independent practice


  • Access to Q&A board: submit questions and get answers
  • Watch recommended instructional, informational, and inspirational videos: interviews, round tables, conferences, lectures, and seminars
  • Use our templates: study professional templates and apply them in practice to make every document and email look and read right
  • Recommended reading: planned sequence of materials to develop proficiency with professional formats, conventions, terminology, and industry trends

key benefits



  • Verifiable project experience from an established firm and professional references (LinkedIn recommendation, letter of reference, certificate of completion)

  • Lifetime access to our supervisors and training materials: stay updated on recent developments, keep in touch with your supervisors, get career advice, and references  

  • Direct introductions to senior professionals that seek candidates like you for full-time employment  

  • Internal job opportunities and referrals to partner career agencies and a growing list of partner employers

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